How useful are friends exactly?

Friends are God’s gifts to us as physical replacements of the Holy Spirit that’s meant to be our spiritual friend.

A friend is meant to be respected, loved, listened to and given preference.

Don’t consider your friends as just another piece of crap that you’re just meant to pass by ad dump anytime. I believe everybody we meet in life has been specifically planned by God to be a part of our life.

Some friends are seasonal, not meant to last forever. But an important lesson to learn is to pick up whatever is meant from you from a friend and give back in return.

Friendship is a give and take relationship, whether with same or opposite sexes.

Hope this makes any sense.

New Belongings

That awesome feeling and “wow” moment when you get something you’ve anticipated and or prayed for, what is the word that exactly describes that feeling?
Is it “Thank God”, or “I knew God would do it”, or “I did it”…?
No matter how much you think you.worked for something, in the background there’s always that little deviation, that little force applied by an external force, that force is God.
Never ascribe glory to yourself.
Celebrate yourself, celebrate your new belonging, but remember to go back to the background and give God the glory.

Heart Of Man

If only the public could know the things that go through your mind everyday, I doubt if you would still have a lot of friends. Even the bible says that the heart of man is desperately wicked.

You ever see some people do some things and just wonder in awe where they get such ideas from, well it’s thee heart.

No one knows his heart, its just God.

Guard your heart with all diligence and follow the right tracks.